Account Basics

Account minimum is $250,000.

Hendershot Investments is a fee-only based asset manager and receives no compensation on the trading activity in client accounts. As fiduciaries, all our analysis and recommendations are for the sole benefit of the client.

We relentlessly pursue operating efficiencies and pass the savings along to our clients in the following fee schedule:  

Assets under Management    Annual Fee
Less than or equal to $2 million      1.0%
$2 million and above0.50%

Our clients typically use Charles Schwab as the broker-dealer for their accounts as our institutional relationship with Charles Schwab provides clients with excellent service and low costs.

We have a limited power of attorney to trade for your account and do not take custody of client assets.

Once your account is opened, you will receive monthly account statements directly from Charles Schwab.

You will receive a personal letter and quarterly account reports from Hendershot Investments with more details on your account holdings and performance.

An investment management fee invoice will also be included in the quarterly client report. Clients typically arrange to have the fee withdrawn directly from your account.

You may cancel your investment advisor relationship with Hendershot Investments at any time by notifying us and the broker in writing.

If at any time you have questions about your account, we are willing to discuss it with you.